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Travel Information for Badrinath Temple

Blessed with an ancient backdrop, Badrinath is one of the most notorious pilgrimage sites, located at an altitude of 3,100 meters between Nar and Narayan hills in the Chamoli range of Kripalu district Uttarakhand Its name, Badrinath Temple, from the utmost holy place of quest. With so many myths and legends, everyone will love the vibrant temples and minutiae of this place. Pilgrims walk through Cornucopia seeking blessings and savoring its immense grandeur. Picture book landscapes, holy lakes and beautiful snow capped mountains make this holy place a slice of heaven on earth Apart from unparalleled beauty, Badrinath offers them a wonderful opportunity they love both adventure and fun-filled dressing.

Badrinath Temple History

Badrinath Temple History: Founded by Adi Shankaracharya in the 9th century, it is believed that Lord Vishnu performed his penance there, while his wife Lakshmi took the form of a Bael tree to seek refuge from its scorching heat. As a result, Goddess Ganga split into two sacred channels, Alakananda being one of them. The Badrinath mountains around are mentioned in the Mahabharata. It is also the abode of many saints and sages who have meditated here. Some pious scholars like Sri Madhavacharya ,Sri Nityananda, Ramanujacharya visited this place to learn about 800 years ago. However, there are many travelers who still do so today.

Badrinath Facts

Best visit to time  – May to October
Population – 841
Altitude – 3,300m
Area – 3 Sq. Km
STD code – 01381
Languages – Hindi, English and Garhwali


Vasudhara Falls

girdled by beautiful mountain peaks, Vasundhara Falls is nestled at a distance of 3 long hauls from Badrinath in Mana vill. From an altitude of 400 feet, the waterfalls offer breathtaking views and are well worth a visit. Although an laborious place to make it, the cascade allure trippers with its restorative surroundings and stimulating charm.


Unfolding the glows of snow covered peaks; Neelkanth is a fascinating destination that overlooks the Badrinath Temple. The place is largely visited by both nature suckers and addicts. Also hailed as Queen of Garhwal, the potent peak located at an altitude of 6,597 m allures multitude of excursionists.

Tapt Kund

Deemed to be the sacred lodging of Lord Agni, Tapt Kund is deposited over the beachfront. A dip in the hot spring renders an amping strength to all the addicts who had taken an irksome rise.


Just 1 km from the holy city of Badrinath, Sheshanetra is one of the most explored holy places in Uttarakhand. It’s said that the Sheshnetra protects the sacred tabernacle of Lord Badrinath. The astonishing part of this holy point is that the marks on the gemstone are true. One can also delight majestic air of imperturbability and serenity that alleviates the minds of the gadabouts.


Another attractive gemstone called Charanpaduka is perched at an altitude of 3380ft about 2 long hauls from Badrinath Temple. It’s believed that if someone takes the blessings of the Lord Vishnu’s vestiges will get recovered from all the ails and troubles.

Getting there

By Air: The nearest field to reach Badrinath would be gleeful Grant Airport in Dehradun, about 314 kms down. For farther trip, one can hire a hack to make it to the asked destination.

Railways: Haridwar is the railway station near Badrinath. The following stations are well connected with major Indian cities:
Haridwar– 302 km
Dehradun– 327 km

By road: it is well connected with Badrinath and major places in Uttarakhand through scenic roads. Bus and hack service is also available from the most important destinations including Haridwar, Srinagar, Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Pauri, Ukhimath and Karnaprayag to get to Badrinath.


1. What’s the Badrinath Temple Known For?

Badrinath Temple is a significant Hindu passage point devoted to Lord Vishnu and is one of the Char Dham destinations in India.

2. What’s the History Behind Badrinath Temple?

The tabernacle has a rich literal and mythological background, with legends dating back centuries, showcasing its artistic significance.

3. When does Badrinath Temple Open in 2023?

The Badrinath Temple opening date 2023 is a pivotal piece of information for pilgrims and excursionists planning their visit.

4. What are the Tabernacle Timings of Badrinath Temple?

Understanding the tabernacle’s opening and ending Badrinath temple timings helps callers plan their darshan and other conditioning effectively.

5. Can you describe the armature of Badrinath Temple?

The Badrinath temple architectural details of the tabernacle, reflecting its ancient design and artistic significance, give perceptivity into its unique charm.

6. Who’s the Deity Worshipped at Badrinath Temple?

Lord Badrinarayan(Lord Vishnu) is the primary deity worshipped at the tabernacle, attracting addicts from each over the world.

7. What’s the Significance of Badrinath Temple?

The tabernacle holds immense religious Badrinath temple significance, believed to be the spot where Lord Vishnu meditated and is deified for its spiritual air.

8. What are Some of the Legends Associated with Badrinath Temple?

Exploring the Badrinath temple legends related to the tabernacle offers sapience into its mythological connections and deep- confirmed artistic stories.

9. What Rituals are Performed at Badrinath Temple?

colorful Badrinath temple rituals, puja, and observances are conducted daily at the tabernacle, perfecting the spiritual experience for addicts.

10. Is Accommodation Available near Badrinath Temple?

Information about lodging options near the tabernacle helps callers plan their stay during their passage.

11. How is the Rainfall at Badrinath Temple?

Understanding the Badrinath temple rainfall conditions at the tabernacle position is pivotal for preparing and packing mutely.

12. What’s the Recommended Route to Reach Badrinath Temple?

Knowing the Badrinath temple route options, whether by road, rail, or air, attendants callers in planning their trip to the tabernacle.

13. What’s the Badrinath Temple Yatra?

The Yatra is the passage trip to Badrinath, frequently accepted by addicts seeking blessings and spiritual fulfillment.

14. Can you Give Information About the Badrinath Temple Journey?

Details about touring routes to Badrinath Temple trek offer perceptivity for adventure suckers seeking an indispensable way to visit the tabernacle.

15. Is there a Dress Law for Badrinath Temple?

Understanding the dress law guidelines helps callers cleave to the tabernacle’s artistic and religious morals during their visit.

16. How can I’ve Darshan at Badrinath Temple?

Furnishing information about the Badrinath temple darshan process and timings helps callers plan their tabernacle visit easily.

17. Can I Share in Puja at Badrinath Temple?

Explaining the Badrinath temple puja openings at the tabernacle enables addicts to engage in spiritual practices during their visit.

18. Is there a Copter Service to Badrinath Temple?

Details about copter services help callers explore different trip options to reach the tabernacle.

19. Is there a Ropeway at Badrinath Temple?

Information about a Badrinath temple ropeway, if available, provides an indispensable mode of transportation for reaching the tabernacle.

20. What are some of the Carnivals Celebrated at Badrinath Temple?

Listing the carnivals celebrated at the tabernacle showcases its vibrant artistic and religious timetable.



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