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The Mysterious Man from Taured | What Is The Mystery All About?

Today we are going to talk. The Man from Taured, sometimes called the Taured Mystery or the Man Without a Country. There is an urban legend about one such person. Joe lands at a Japanese airport from an unheard-of country called Taured. Some have explained the story as evidence of time travel. while others have talked about a parallel universe. But, could there be a simpler explanation? Let’s know what is true Of this story

Many people have believed this story to be true, so the root of the problem lies in Taured. It is true that there was a man from Taured. but there is no country name Taured, during the 1950s when this incident took place. The story begins. The story ends with the man disappearing (forever) a day after a man came to Japan. ahead, all his personal documents, such as his passport and driver’s license also vanished. That’s what makes this strange mystery even more difficult to solve.

The Come of Man from Taured

The story of the man from Taured begins with a hot day in July 1954. On that particular day in July, a man was reported to have arrived at Haneda Airport. which we also know as Tokyo International Airport. This man is captured as a Caucasian with a beard. While his man language is said to have been French. accounts claim that the Taured man also spoke Japanese and several other languages. So far, nothing wrong with the narrative.

The series of events then differs according to which version of the story one encounters. In one account, the Japanese immigration officer noticed something different. when the man gave his passport to see it stamped. While the Taured man passport appeared to be authentic. Taured was recognized as non-existent by both the official and his colleagues in the country. which it was issued. So Taured person was taken in for questioning. At an interrogation counter. The man mentioned that he came from Taured. And when the Japanese official didn’t believe him, he showed his passport.

I got information from this @justthinkaboutit280 youtube channel. Below you will also get to see the video in which it is told in short.

Taured Where is the Location

Then the person was shown a map. And told him to see where his country is on this map. Then tell me where is your country. Then he immediately pointed the man to the territory occupied by the Principality of Andorra. Andorra is on the border of France and Spain. The man said that his country has been located here for 1000 years and he was also a little surprised. That is why his country is written on the map as Andorra. The man argued with the customs officials for a long time and refused to give information. Then it was closed. After that, he disappeared.

The Mystery Man Disappeared Despite High Security

To make sure the mystery man didn’t escape, the officer posted two guards at the door. It should be ascertained that the hotel room in which he was staying. It had only one entrance and one exit gate. But everyone wondered how the man disappeared the next morning. Not only this, but all his personal documents also disappeared along with him. A search was operated to find the young man, but nothing was found of that person anywhere. What troubled the investigating? officers were the fact that he was kept in a high-rise hotel building in a room without a balcony.

Unexplained Incident

Some argued that the mystery man was actually from Taured but that the country would be in another universe. And somehow passed through a time dimension and ended up at Kisa Haneda Airport. Such blogs would suggest that the mystery man was a time traveler. who accidentally arrived at Haneda Airport. Some people still say that this news is just fake. And it is in vain on the Internet.



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